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Group Profile

Group Profile

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Anhui Mingyang Rail Traffic Group Co.,Ltd was founded in 2016. The group company is mainly engaged in the design, R & D and manufacture of sleepers and fasteners in the field of rail transit. At the same time, it is committed to the design, R & D and manufacture of new concrete materials and products, including various types of precast concrete blocks used in municipal, road and water conservancy engineering; precast beams, precast slabs and precast columns for prefabricated buildings; new concrete materials (HPC, UHPC, FRP) and product application.

The main functions of the Group include market analysis, research and project approval, investment and construction, financial management and administrative management.Provide business, technical, financial, administrative and other support services to its companies.

The group has several subsidiaries such as Inner Mongolia Ruihe, Weihai Ruihe, Shandong Ruihe,  Jitoo UHPC (shandong), Anhui Jitoo, Tibet Changtie and so on, which have initially formed the layout of domestic multi-point production bases.

In the future, the group will pay more attention to the overseas engineering field, copying and exporting the mature domestic production equipment, technology and personnel to overseas countries. Relying on the policy guidance of One Belt One Road, we will provide high-quality products and services to countries along the route.

Corporate culture

Vision: to establish a century-old brand and spread the products all over the world

Mission: to create value for customers

Values: customer first, responsibility-based, efficiency, passion and altruism

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