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Prefabricated architecture

Prefabricated architecture

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The group's Shandong Ruihe company mainly produces prefabricated beams, slabs and columns for prefabricated buildings. At the same time, it also provides customers with systematic services of R & D, design, production and installation of prefabricated buildings.

prefabricated fence make use of prefabricated tongue-and-groove partition plates and columns made in the factory to quickly assemble and build the wall at the construction site

Lightweight partition board—can be used for building interior and exterior walls , with light weight, easy installation, excellent thermal insulation and waterproof performance.

Prefabricated buildings—compared with traditional residential construction projects, prefabricated beams, plates, columns and other prefabricated components are assembled in the construction site, so as to achieve the advantages of fast construction, energy saving and emission reduction.

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