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New Materials

New Materials

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The group's R & D center, subordinate Anhui Jitu company and Shandong Jitu company are mainly engaged in R & D and product application of new materials.

HPC/UHPC material products

High performance (compressive strength 60-120MPa) and ultra-high performance (compressive strength 120-180MPa) concrete materials can be used for construction, tunnel, bridge, highway, water conservancy, municipal, rail transit, airport, port and other engineering areas of concrete prefabricated components.The prefabricated components made of this material have super high durability and super high mechanical properties.

FRP material products

Fiber reinforced composite (Fiber Reinforced Polymer/Plastic, referred to as FRP), is a high performance material formed by mixing fiber material and matrix material (resin) in a certain proportion. Light an

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